Sunday, May 25, 2014

Letter from Baba on Luke's Baptism Day

My dearest Luke,
I am so proud of the boy that you’ve become and the choice you’ve made to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. As I thought about what I’d want you to remember about this special day one of my favorite Pictures came to mind.
There is an old saying that “A picture is worth a 1000 words”. I want you to look at this picture while I tell you what it represents to me. Luke this memory of us being together is just like you’ll feel when you’re baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. You’ll come out of the water all clean and happy. And then you’ll receive the Holy Ghost. Luke now that you have the Holy Ghost it’s like getting a new fishing pole and having to learn how to use it. Your Baba’s like the Holy Ghost that will sit beside you and patiently teach you what you need to know if you listen very carefully. I had to teach you to bait the hook and cast to the right spot with the right bait. That’s what the Holy Ghost will do also. He will teach you how to cast your prayers to heavenly Father and how you’ll get back answers if you really pay attention. It’s just like catching the fish in our picture. You had to watch your line and your pole to see if it was moving if you wanted to catch your fish. Luke look at the beautiful fish you caught by doing all the things I taught you. Buddy that’s just like it will be if you listen to your parents and obey the commandments and listen to the Holy Ghost whispering in your mind the right thing to do to be as happy as we both are in one of my favorite pictures. I love this picture because it represents the joy you give your Baba by being such a good boy. I love Luke Robert Merback and always will.

Your Baba forever… 

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