Sunday, December 6, 2009


I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes one person ordinary and what makes the next extraordinary.  What needs to be accomplished within a lifetime to make someone immortal?  As I have pondered this I have come to the conclusion that what really sets people apart is the depth and breadth of their relationships and experiences.  If a person is simply a good person but has no meaningful contact with another soul, what does it matter?  The essence of extraordinary comes from the influence we have on the lives of others.

The two people that immediately come to my mind as epitomizing "extraordinary" for me personally are my parents.  So much of who I am and what I aspire to become is a direct reflection of their influence over me.  They are both incredibly unique and different in their gifts and challenges, but perfectly unified in their goals and desires.  They have a gift of opening their souls and helping others feel comfortable to do the same.  They are both faithful and diligent in daily strengthening their personal testimonies and those of others.  When you are with them you can't help but to feel deeper, understand more clearly and gain a vision of the possibilities that lie in store for our taking.  These are a few of the traits that make them extraordinary.    

The thought of a world without a Pap and Shmartie, or Jim and Starla, or Baba and Maga in it deeply troubles me.  Lives so extraordinary should not be forgotten.  They must be carried on so that a piece of them can continue to influence, inspire and comfort.  My entire life I have been surrounded and inspired by the stories and experiences that molded my parents into the incredible human beings that they are.  It is through these stories and life experiences that I have been influenced.  Many of these stories are hilarious, some terribly sad, some miraculous, but all are significant because they show the why and how and what my parents are.

I know I am just one of thousands who have been touched by my Shmartie and Pap.  The gifts they offer have been freely given and gratefully received.  This influence can be multiplied a thousand times if you will just record the significant moments of your lives.  I beg of you to do this.  If you only do it for my children alone I will be grateful beyond measure.  My boys already adore you.  They think you are both perfection personified.  Please show them the process it took to get you to where you are now.  Your stories are powerful and have the ability to change.  Please do this for your posterity. 

So Pap and Shmart, for Christmas this year I am offering you the gift of immortality.  These stories are yours and so must be written by you.  A wonderful legacy was started by your ancestors and has been magnified by you.  Please share this with generations to come that they may “arise up, and call [you] blessed.”

With All My Love,
Ashlee Merback