Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Eight Grand Gift from Heaven that all started with our love@ Jim

This is the happy Grandfather (and the relieved Father of Ashlee) of Ty Jacob Merback! I just spoke with Jacob and asked him what stuck out to him about little Ty? He said he's THICK! He also said that Maga AKA Starla was at the hospital with Ashlee and Little 9.9 lbs. (not so little) Ty. I immediately hung up with Jake and called my Starla to get the real scoop on "little" Ty. Starla answered the phone with the joy in her voice that only a Grandma can have. She had just arrived at the hospital and walked into Ashlee's room and held out her arms to see what God had sent.  Shmarty as only Ashlee calls her had just held Ty for the first time when she saw it was Baba AKA Ty's grandfather on the phone. Only my Starla knew how important it was to me to answer my call and share those first impression of our little Ty together.
The softness in her voice was sacred and overflowing with love as she described our little Ty. She looked into his eyes and felt of his his Spirit that I have no words to describe. The 40 plus years that I've been blessed to share with my Starla learning a language that needs no words to describe what I knew she was feeling. The Scripture "Spirit speaks to Spirit and both are edified" would be the only way I can describe my experience of what Starla was communicating. After the soul food was shared I got the update on the description of little Ty. I know that he has dimples, a thick chest, big paws, dark hair and the complexion to go with it. Then the most important part of the call happened, Ty spoke his first words, "I love you BABA" Hey that's what the cooing meant. Well needless to say I'm sooooooooooooooo happy my Ashlee is safe and the proud mother of 4 wonderfully talented, handsome, smart and good BOYS! The reward for being a dedicated and loving parent is Grandchildren. Ye! Baba AKA Jim


  1. LOVE this! Praise God for safely bringing Ty into the world and keeping Ashlee safe. What tremendous blessings!!

  2. In a few years....lets get those 4 boys together with my 4 girls! Congratulations Grandparents!!!

    Jeff and Janeen

  3. Oh yay! I so loved reading your account of this little (well, huge really) guy's entrance! I too am so relieved that all is well and Ash can do what she does best with yet another precious spirit. What a wonderful experience for Shmart and you to speak spirit to spirit with that baby and with each other. Oh how I miss y'all and love y'all with all my heart! Congratulations on that little hunk of love!