Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This past Christmas Jim and I received a most memorable gift but it came with a giant, very intimidating hook. Ashlee organized and presented a blog site for Jim and I, a place for us to start writing our "stories" for our posterity. A year ago I would have dismissed the idea as too time consuming and unnecessary. I've never been inclined to write things down because it's been so much easier to just tell it. But In the past months both Jim and I have come to have such an appreciation for blogs because of how much we've been touched by Ashlee and Bri's consistent blogging. It's allowed us to be intrinsically involved in the lives of our children and grandchildren who live far away. It's truly been MAGICAL. We are hooked.

Since receiving this challenge at Christmas, almost every morning I've awoken to thinking about what experiences need to be recorded. I've got to say it's very overwhelming. Jim and I have always been story tellers. That's how we've taught. Benchmarks and crossroads have always had attendant stories attached. Verbal communication comes very easy to all of us in our family. We are such talkers!!! Jim and I have shared our life stories with our children all along the way. But since the death of my parents and Jim's dad I have come to realize how many things MY children will never know about their grandparents; people who were worth knowing and emulating and who were totally invested in our children's lives. But sadly, most of their stories have been lost with their passing. This realization has made it apparent that this record, which will hopefully be enjoyed by our children, needs to be written for our grandchildren and those that follow.

The Lord has blessed Jim and I with experiences that have been sacred, life-altering, filled with his mercy and love, revelatory, tender, so fun, hilarious, and then those experiences that made us stretch further and dig deeper than we ever thought possible and still survive. Through it all we have seen and acknowledged the Lord's hand in our lives, never doubting his love and mercy extended to us daily.

I want this record to proclaim to all of our posterity here now and those that will come in the future, that we testify and witness that our lives have been filled with peace, guidance, and an assurance of the love of our Father in Heaven and His Son. With every day that passes that assurance grows and is made more sure by the things we have and continue to experience. We love Him and and know He loves us. Jesus is our personal Savior, our King. We trust in His power to save not only us, but each one of you who we love with all our hearts. If this memoir can strengthen the faith or give hope to just one of you then it will be worth every second invested in writing it. No empty chairs in heaven! That is my mother-heart's desire.

So we begin. It is our sessy to each of you, our posterity, sent with love and a deep gratitude that you are all a part of our lives now and forever. And in the doing of it I pray the Lord will see recorded here on earth and eternally in my heart, the gratitude I feel for the richness of my life that I've been able to share with my sweetheart and each one of you.


  1. Hip Hip HOOOOOOOORAYYYYYY!!! I love it. I am just sitting here itching for more. I cannot wait for the wisdom, teaching and understanding that is going to come as you reflect and record the meaningful moments of your life! I love you. Writing these stories, your stories, is one of the greatest gifts you can give you posterity! I love you. I will definitely be checking for new posts each and every day!

  2. I literally have tears in my eyes. You're amazing and I feel so blessed to have you as my aunt and uncle. I feel like I get to pull up a chair and listen as an invited guest to a very important and intimate story that will make my life better for having heard it.